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The EFG’s vision

The EFG’s major activity is waste-to-energy technologies. This is how we respond to the worldwide problem of the continuously increasing amount of waste and to its often neglected energy potential. Our goal is to use waste for the production of energy and thereby contribute to the improvement of the ecosystem.



Waste management issues 
in the Czech Republic

There is more than 5 million tonnes of municipal waste produced in the Czech Republic per year. Waste deposited in landfills spoils the surrounding countryside, biodegradable waste (BDW) is a significant source of greenhouse gases contributing to global warming.

In compliance with the New Act on Waste, the Czech Republic has to radically restrict the landfilling of waste. Waste will be used secondarily to bring the country closer to the EU counties level.

There are 1.8 million tonnes of BDW produced annually in the Czech Republic, processing of this amount of waste we would get energy for approximately 120 thousand households, or alternative BioCNG fuel for 225 thousand passenger cars.

The EGF’s activities

The EGF responds to the continuously increasing amount of waste with the construction of modern Energy Recycling Centres (ERCs). We currently operate our own ERC in Rapotín near Šumperk, Central Moravia region. The strategic goal of the EFG is to expand our own waste treatment technology. At the same time, we use our know-how as part of development activities for the public and private sectors.

Our team also participates in the improvement of energy recovery technologies in cooperation with the University of Chemical Technology in Prague and the Mendel University in Brno.

The Biomethane 

We prioritise the production of biomethane (BioCNG). BioCNG is the preferred alternative fuel for passenger and commercial vehicles in terms of emission savings. CNG is also interesting in terms of significant economic savings.